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合同会社Hi-EndJ.-Ost is

a daughter company of  Hi-End Japan GmbH

Company name: 合同会社Hi-EndJ.-Ost

Business content: trade, import/export

Employees: Director Vasko Ganna

Head office: 101-0032 Tokyo-city,chiyoda-ku,

iwamotochyo 3−10−7

Phone number: 03-5822-5031

FAX:     03-5822-5032

Our  main goal is to provide nostalgic experience to our customers. We hope to bring back the memories of the youth, nostalgia, enjoyment of the music and that satisfying feeling of getting hands on the audio device which they may have had in younger age. 


We collect vintage audio devices from different corners of japan ,repair them in Europe to the brand new look and  then we sell them to the collectors from all over the world. 

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